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Nov 07, 2014 The iPhone 6 Plus is Apple's first phablet sized phone. That puts it in direct competition with other supersized smartphones, particularly the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. On paper, the Galaxy Note 4 has twice the megapixels, but does that translate into photos that are twice as good? If you're basing your next smartphone purchase on camera quality, you're probably moreNov 25, 2014 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera Review the Note 4 has a 16MP rear facing camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) and it also supports 4K video recording the front facing camera is a 3. 7 MP with galaxy note 4 camera sample pictures

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Oct 10, 2014  The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 captures images at 16MP and its sensor has a native 16: 9 aspect ratio so it produces widescreen images that can be Sep 03, 2014  The Note 4 has a 16megapixel camera, matching the Galaxy S5s megapixel count, but where they differ is the fact that the bigger Samsung now includes optical image stabilisation. Only thegalaxy note 4 camera sample pictures Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera Sample Pictures. September 5, 2014 2: 21 PM. Shares 0. You can hate everything Samsung their gimmicks, UI, product design and other design, but you cant hate

Nov 17, 2017 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review Camera 7. Camera samples 8. Music, movies and gaming 9. The essentials 10. Photos in low light are also more than acceptable. galaxy note 4 camera sample pictures Apr 14, 2015 The Note 4 is the latest iteration of Samsung's topend line of socalled 'phablets In terms of design the new model is very close to its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3, including a similar fauxleather material on the back cover. Apr 14, 2015 Recording video on the Samsung Note 4 works in pretty much the same way as on other recent Samsung devices. A press of the video button in the camera app starts recording during which you can pause, stop or capture a still image. You can use the same HDR, filter and dual camera functions as in still Oct 06, 2014  Note 4 Camera Image Quality based on a preproduction model. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rear cameras image quality is nothing but superb when tested in good lighting conditions. You can check this gallery of sample images taken with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Des The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 carries the same 16megapixel shooter on the back, just like the Galaxy S5 did. But as always, I always like the camera and its performance on the Note series when

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