Does samsung galaxy ace 2 camera zoom

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Apr 01, 2013  When using the camera how do i zoom in? Yahoo Answers Sign in Sign in Mail HelpOct 18, 2012 Is there a digital zoom in Galaxy Ace 2 camera? At least I can't figure out how to use it and the user manual does not mention about it either I know Galaxy Ace has a zoom (although limited) so I suppose Ace 2 should have one too? If there is no zoom support in default camera application, is it possible to get it working via some other app? does samsung galaxy ace 2 camera zoom

Jan 04, 2013 But the Samsung Galaxy Ace's camera is far from perfect, with the inbuilt LED flash often proving overpowering, highlighting some aspects of shots but causing others to be cast into deep stark shadows. It's of little use when pursuing the perfect snap.

Dec 11, 2012 Exceeding the expectations laid out by its onpaper specs, the 5megapixel rearmounted camera found on Galaxy Ace 2 offers hugely impressive results with the integrated autofocus features, inbuilt LED flash and smile detection shooting further bolstering the handset's impressive bag of tricks and allowing for simple image capturing in all How can the answer be improved?does samsung galaxy ace 2 camera zoom Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 x Trend. Galaxy Ace 2 x and Galaxy Trend have 645 MB of accessible RAM (out of the total 768 MB), and approximately 2 GB of useraccessible internal storage. Galaxy S Duos (GTS7562) is available with very similar specifications; the primary differentiating feature is

Aug 24, 2013 Instructions to get camera zoom in Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, follow these steps: Go to home screen of your device. Press menu. Locate& open the camera application. Adjust the camera to take the photos. Tap on volume button to zoom the image. That's it. does samsung galaxy ace 2 camera zoom I also had this problem but I downloaded camera pro from samsung apps for 61pence and its great so if your stuck thats an option Thanks for that, so it will make the Galaxy Ace 2 zoom before taking a piccie? ? How to use the camera zoom function on the Samsung Galaxy ACE 2 I8160? Does this phone have zooming function? Jul 25, 2012 Bought the Samsung Galaxy Ace and although the camera is actually quite good, it won't let me zoom saying 'unable to zoom as picture size is set to The Samsung Galaxy Ace has a 5megapixel autofocus camera with a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels. It has a LED flash along with the camera for lowlight scenes. It also has face and smile detection and geotagging, but does not have a shutter key.

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